Elinor Kapp

Elinor Kapp has had a long career in the medical profession. She is also an accomplished artist, specialising in work with textiles.

Her literary work is as varied and as fascinating as her professional life as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Elinor has published four previous books:

  • A Patchwork Heart: Some memories from my Life
  • Tales from Turnaround Cottage: Fairy Stories for the Older Generation
  • Rigmaroles and Ragamuffins: words we derive from Textiles
  • Ruffians and Loose Women: More words derived from Textiles

Unlike the Swan is her first book published by Opening Chapter

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Canton Book Launch

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Opening Chapter is proud to announce the launch of two new books by two fantastic local authors at Canton Library, Market Road, Cardiff

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‘Unlike the Swan’ cover photograph from “The Voyages of Malduin: Soul Ships”
(c) Elinor Kapp, Photographer: Peter Taylor, OPUS Degree Show 2004

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‘Names and Addresses’ cover image by Diana, and Peter Morgan