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After more than 20 years as a publisher we are adding to the services we provide and are pleased to announce that we also now offer what is sometimes referred to a hybrid model of publishing.

Many traditional publishers, including some well known brands, offer similar services but don’t publicise it.

When we have the capacity we will still accept submissions in the usual way.

So, if you are want to get your book published but are getting frustrated by the barriers erected by ‘traditional’ publishers then maybe we can help?

You may have the time and experience to go down the self-publishing route, and if you have then good luck with that – it can be a very rewarding way forward. It’s a great feeling when you publish your book and it’s out there for all the world to see.

But, if you don’t have the time or the knowledge or would rather focus on other things, then maybe we can help.

We offer a completely flexible service all the way from from basic formatting all the way to publishing physical copies of your book.

Every project is different and we can’t take on everything so if you have something in mind please contact us via creativemedia @ openingchapter . com (no spaces), with a few brief detals of what you are thinking of and if it’s something we can help with we’ll get back to you with an outline of what we can offer

Please Note: This website is still being redeveloped and a lot more content will be added soon.

Names and Addresses

Names and Addresses is the latest novel from Diana Gruffydd Williams.

“Names and Addresses”  is a novel about Megan Roberts, a widow living in a sheltered housing complex. On the surface, this doesn’t suggest an interesting life but Megan is deeply spiritual, sometimes perplexing the hierarchy of religious institutions. Megan follows her intuition, gifts of the Spirit, which lead her into unexpected places and situations. She is often misunderstood.

Paperback and sample available now on Amazon

Diana Gruffydd Williams

Diana Gruffydd Williams is a published author, novelist, short story writer, poet and freelance journalist. Her work has been brodcast on R4 and published in The Guardian


Diana’s latest work is a novel “Names and Addresses”  about Megan Roberts, a widow living in a sheltered housing complex.

For more about ‘Names and Addresses’ click here.


Elinor Kapp

Elinor Kapp has had a long career in the medical profession. She is also an accomplished artist, specialising in work with textiles.

Her literary work is as varied and as fascinating as her professional life as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Elinor has published four previous books:

  • A Patchwork Heart: Some memories from my Life
  • Tales from Turnaround Cottage: Fairy Stories for the Older Generation
  • Rigmaroles and Ragamuffins: words we derive from Textiles
  • Ruffians and Loose Women: More words derived from Textiles

Unlike the Swan is her first book published by Opening Chapter

Click here for more information on Unlike the Swan


Canton Book Launch

More information here soon – in the meantime

Opening Chapter is proud to announce the launch of two new books by two fantastic local authors at Canton Library, Market Road, Cardiff

For more about Elinor – click here.

‘Unlike the Swan’ cover photograph from “The Voyages of Malduin: Soul Ships”
(c) Elinor Kapp, Photographer: Peter Taylor, OPUS Degree Show 2004

For more about Diana – click here

‘Names and Addresses’ cover image by Diana, and Peter Morgan